ii. Ten Reasons Why You Need Backbeat

1. We’re Creative Strategists. Not an “ad agency.” The ad agency hasn’t changed much since the Mad Men days. How can a half-century-old model properly convey your company’s message? That’s right. It can’t. We’re happy to leave cute and clever to the Don Drapers of the world. We’re more interested in finding a Big Idea that moves people. Superior thinking, creative dexterity…that’s what you get with us.

2. We’re small by design. Think of Backbeat your own creative special ops team – fast, adaptable, stealthy, efficient. We size up the mission, swoop in under the radar, and get the job done. Fast. And unlike larger creative groups, you always get the “A-team” with Backbeat – senior-level creative professionals on every project.

3. We’re media-neutral. Today it’s all about social media. Yesterday, it was websites. Tomorrow it’ll be something different. The “how” of talking to people is always going to change, but the “what” – aye, there’s the rub. It’s not the medium, folks. It’s the message. The former serves the latter.

4. We’re fearless. Big Ideas change the way people think and act. Their job is to challenge the status quo. This is precisely why companies hire creative professionals. Ironically, it’s also why Big Ideas are so often resisted. We get it. Big Ideas can be scary stuff, and not everyone is always going to “get it.” Courage, mes amis.

5. We’re your creative partner. We want to engage you on issues of vision, purpose, relevance and values in order to make people believe in your company and in what you have to offer. This is the kind of meaningful strategic dialog you simply can’t have with a “vendor.” We promise to elevate the conversation beyond snappy taglines.

6. We think big. Only a Big Idea can change the world. No small thinking with us. (You do want to move the needle, right?)

7. We’re honest. To a fault. We’ll always tell you like it is, even if you’d rather not hear it. There is no substitute for the truth.

8. We’re ethical. We operate from a standpoint of personal and professional respect. No exceptions.

9. We’re accountable. We work hard. We’re tenacious. We roll up our sleeves and jump right in. And, we’re very good at what we do. Still – the bottom line is getting the job done, and done right. The responsibility for that is ours. No excuses.

10. We’re valuable. We bring a wealth of talent and specialized skills to the table. We have fresh perspectives that you need. And we just love a good creative challenge. As your creative and strategic partner, we can give your business a valuable competitive advantage.

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