For Sale: Log. $98.


Memo: To every client I’ve ever had who told me that advertising “doesn’t matter” (and there have been a lot of them), I offer this CNN article.

Is this absolutely ridiculous?


Is it safe to say that anyone who drops $98 Canadian on a hunk of log is a donut shy of a Timmies Combo?


And just because a DesignRepublic store in Toronto has dedicated valuable retail space for the discriminating stump connoisseur, does this mean that the essential value of advertising is now proven beyond all reasonable doubt?

Ah, no.

But what it does demonstrate is:

(1) Anything can potentially be sold if marketed the right way.

(2) “New products” and “new markets” are not necessarily “new,” but simply “reimagined.”

(3) People will spend money on the most ridiculous things, as they will on things that really matter – as long as it matters to them.

Will DesignRepublic experience a massive spike in stump sales? Will we soon see people lined up ’round the block for the latest release? (Stump v2.0? iLog?) I’m not holding my breath. This is just another fluff internet news story – although the traction from this one CNN article might exceed anything DesignRepublic’s ad budget could ever muster.

And you know, if it does catch on, I’ve got a gold mine in maples and beeches in my back yard.


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