Frank Laurino

Frank Laurino here. I’m the Creative Director and Principal Strategist for Backbeat Creative Strategy.

When someone at Backbeat asked if I’d be interested in giving my opinion on just about anything I thought was important, I said, “You’re kidding, right? I’m all over it.

Now of course, I think I know what I’m talking about. But to possibly convince you that I might have something small to contribute to a medium already drowning in TMI, here’s my very abbreviated CV:

• Creative professional since 1981. (You remember the ’80s, don’t you? Big hair. Shoulder pads. Devo.)

• Creative director, designer, copywriter, sometime photographer, longtime musician, go-to Big Idea guy.

• MA, Journalism/Communications, Syracuse University (Newhouse School of Communications).

• BA, English, University of Notre Dame (pre-medicine minor).

• Founder, Creativity & All That Jazz.

• Bunch of awards for creative work, for whatever they’re worth (precious little).

I have opinions and perspectives, some of them clearly not mainstream, and I am generally not impressed with what’s “trending” (let alone popular). Possibly, something here will instigate a practical discussion or two…or at very least, provide a little light entertainment. Enjoy.


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